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My raging motivation seems to have diminished slightly. All I've done today and yesterday is watch the Great British Bake Show. I mean, this isn't a waste of my time, or anything, but I felt so powerful going on that cleaning bend. I did tidy some stuff off my desk though. Hopefully on Monday I'll get into my closet a bit more.


You Arashi people, I'm curious. What are your top five b-sides? You don't have to rank them or anything, but what five would you choose to listen to if you only get five?

Right now my list is probably:

1. Border
2. Fly
3. Love Wonderland
4. Super Fresh
5. Fake It

As you can see, I like the ones that are thump-thumpy. Although I just somehow discovered I never got the b-side for Monster, and that? is? trippy? Like this Spiral song is years and years and years old and I'm only now discovering it? It's always nice to have new Arashi music though, I'm game.
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Despite being deeply entrenched in the YA community, somehow I missed that there was a movie for DUMPLIN'. Thank you, Netflix, for suggesting it immediately when I logged in today. This is probably because I watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before, which was great, highly recommended if you're in the mood for some lighthearted high school romcom with an Asian lead.

So I immediately started playing Dumplin' even though I'd been intending to watch tGBBS. I read the book several years ago when it came out and only vaguely remembered the plot--I liked it okay enough, but it was a outside my normal wheelhouse.

The movie was delightful. It centers on Willowdean Dickson, who has a deep abiding love for Dolly Parton thanks to her late Aunt Lucy. Will is struggling without her confident, outspoken aunt--particularly in figuring out how to relate to her own mother, who is skinny and pretty (which Will considers herself the opposite of), and still riding the success of winning the Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant years and years ago. Will eschews all things pageant and looks down on the girls who care about what she thinks of as a superficial world.

When Will discovers her aunt's application to the pageant in a box of her old things, she realizes Lucy wanted to be part of that world and wasn't confident enough to do so. So Willowdean joins in order to stage a revolution.

We make delightful pit stops along the way, picking up a Very Hot Boy (Bo) that she works with at the local diner, as well as a darling and naive new friend who has always wanted to be part of the pageant since she was eight years old but always thought she was too fat to do it (Millie), and a host of Dollie drag queens who end up being one of the best things about the movie.

But what really sucked me in was the conflict between Will and her mom Rosie. You can see just how much the pageant means to Rosie, and she knows Will isn't taking it seriously. She doesn't know how to support her daughter, but gosh, she's trying so hard. And the way they start to bond at the end brought tears to my eyes many many times. It's clear that she wants the best for her daughter, while Will has always worried that her mother is ashamed of her.

I should probably put a vague disclaimer in here that there's some fat shaming at the beginning and a lot of Willowdean's insecurities come from that, and probably I'm not the best person to say whether the topic is treated well. But I think it is? It's refreshing to see a big girl protagonist growing into herself and owning it.

I really feel like Netflix is rocking the whole YA-to-series/movie genre right now, and I love it a lot. I'm down for whatever else they've got to show me. And I hope I haven't missed any other good watches, but if I have, do let me know!
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Three people in my circle have a birthday on Dec 09. How curious and fascinating and coincidental!

I've been doing a Deep Purge of my bedroom lately, and right now I have seven grocery bags of clothes+shoes that are sitting on my floor, ready to be carted off to the local Savers. It's crazy, and awesome, having space in my closet and my dresser drawers. And when I go looking for something to wear, every piece in there is actually something I want to put on!

Yeah, I have a bad habit of accumulating stuff. I'm proud of myself for running with whatever motivation bit me in the ass. I still have a few more drawers to go. But it got to the point where like...I don't wear spaghetti straps anymore. I have so many pants that don't fit me, and keeping them as motivation is stupid. It's been two years and they're just taking up space. I have some stuff that feels too juvenile these days, and it's ADORABLE, but if I don't put it on my body, what's it doing here? So, yes. Goodbye.

Now I want to go buy a few nice blouses. I have a gift card to Nordstrom, so that's the plan.

ALSO, it's pomegranate season, guys! How many pomegranates has Aeslis eaten in the last month? So many pomegranates. Om nom nom!


Dec. 5th, 2018 11:35 pm
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I oh-so-brilliantly dropped my razor in the shower today right when I pulled the hair catcher from the drain, and the razor head split from the body, and it all was comically timed so that the blades went right down the drain.


So now I have to figure out what to do to get the damn thing back out. Gum on the end of a flexible stick? I don't even know.


Dec. 5th, 2018 09:31 pm
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Really, no wonder everyone likes the Great British Bake Show. I haven't watched too much of it; I just started with season 6 and I'm about halfway through, I suppose, but I can't help compare it to American reality television. Everyone talks about how nice they on TGBBS which is incredibly true, redundant though it is for me to say. They're such strange personalities with great idiosyncrasies but they're all delightful and a little silly. I honestly don't care much about the bakes??? I'm addicted to these cute, sweet people.

I realize that I'm in the middle of a season and probably everyone else has watched beyond me, but for non-spoileriness in case anyone is behind me, here is a cut.

S6E5 )

But like the whole thing with Paul's handshakes, I dunno, I'm not about that. It feels very "I am white man bestowing my approval on you" and I kind of get enough of that in this world, you know? I like Paul though, overall, that's really my only grievance with the entire show as a whole. I guess it's just a thing.
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My last update was broad and vague because like, it feels weird to come back to a space after so long and get very specific, I guess. Like you're talking to people you haven't talked to in a long time and you don't want to start with the fight you got into with your sister yesterday.

I didn't fight with my sister yesterday, but you know, as an example.

But since I'm friending people now (hello, people!) I should probably introduce myself a little bit, which also functions as an update for those of you who've been around and known me a while!

⭐️ I used to work as a bookseller in a children's bookstore. As of August this year, I AM FREE. I have a lot of grievances with the way it was run, but I loved most of our customers and I love, love, love children's literature. Some picture books are serious art, man. Look up Du Iz Tak for one of my favorites.

⭐️ What I currently do, and what I've been doing simultaneously alongside my bookstore work for the last 6 years, is work at a children's literary agency. I'm an assistant to a senior agent (my first boss from 6 years ago) the executive agent (as of 2 years ago) and the president of the company (as of this year), and I do a lot of random granola. I read contracts, I do TONS of data entry, and I help boss 1 with editorial stuff for client manuscripts. As of this year, I'm also the point person/on the ground organizer of their yearly writing retreat, which just happened last weekend. Like, ended yesterday. It was a phenomenal experience despite the fact that I'm still exhausted.

⭐️ Needless to say, I read a lot of kids' books. Although I've kind of been depressed for the last year or so and I've read...a lot less. I think how much I'm reading might just tie into my mental state, because three months after quitting my bookstore job I'm suddenly All About The Books again. Hmmm. Anyway, point being, I love literature. It's hard to describe my tastes because they're all over the map, but if it's got characters I can enjoy, I'm probably there for it.

⭐️ I used to live in Japan. I was there for five years, and moved back seven years ago, and I miss it a lot (but would never want to work there again. Probably.) I speak Japanese but I still like to watch things with subtitles anyway, because it helps me learn. But I watch a lot of variety shows and quiz shows without subs too.

I'll try to go into more depth about some things sometime soon. I'm fading, ugh! I barely did anything today but eat chocolate chip cookies, I shouldn't be this tired. And yet!

Anyway, hello and welcome and hi again to those of you that are still around!
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Wow I'm a human who is still alive!

It's hard to get back into writing in a journal when one hasn't written much, and I've done the "Hey I'm back" thing enough times that it hardly feels like it could be true this time around. But whatever. I want to write. I like DreamWidth. I'm sort of tired of Tumblr, and the endless scroll insanity.

I'm in a very different place in my life now than I was this time last year, and in a good way.

I feel creative again. I feel like I've moved past many of my old hurts, and they've healed and sweetened and quieted. I feel like I'm in a place where I can start taking steps forward. I like all those feelings.

Gonna move forward with them as far as I can.
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So, a few people actually expressed interest in a post of writing tips, and since I'd wanted to write one anyway, I took that as an invitation. This is it.

If you're not interested, go ahead and skip on by.

Tips for Writers )


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