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Omoi Omoware Furi Furare Ch 17

Translation Note: Feel free to use my translation for scanlations if you want, just drop me a line so I know. If someone finds/gives me the raws for the next chapter I'll keep going.

Akari: But you know, I really don’t understand Inui-kun.

Akari: I have no idea how to close this distance between us.
Yuna: Me either! It’s like— it’s like—

Yuna: Ah—

Yuna: Rio-kun.
Rio: Oh, Yona-chan.

Yuna: Are you changing classes?
Rio: Yeah, science.
Yuna: I see.
Rio: Yeah.

Yuna: ………. …………
Yuna: (Th… The conversation is ending already. I have to think of something…)
Yuna: Oh.

Yuna: Muscat tea? That looks good.
Rio: Oh, did you want some? I’ve already finished it though.

Yuna: N.. No, no!
Yuna: Small talk is so hard~~~~

Rio: Um, so I’m going to get going.
Yuna: Ah! Yeah, sorry for keeping you.

Yuna: I gave that conversation my all, but…

Yuna: I’m left feeling let down.
Akari: Just what do the two of us have to do to get to the next level?

Rio: (I hope I sounded normal.)

Rio: (Ever since that dream, when I talk to Yuna… it’s awkward, or I’m nervous, or something.)

Rio: (I’m not like myself at all.)

Agatsuma: What’s the matter Rio-kun?
Agatsuma: Did you get bad scores on your t—

Agatsuma: …or not.

Rio: Let’s say there’s a girl you haven’t really noticed, right.

Rio: And she shows up in a dream and so she starts catching your attention, right.
Agatsuma: IT HAPPENS.

Agatsuma: It totally happens!
Rio: Right! It happens right!

Rio: Does the fact that she showed up in a dream mean you potentially have feelings for her?

Shiba: I wonder about that.

Shiba: Some people say that dreams are your brain organizing itself. Like it’s ridding itself of bugs.
Agatsuma: Oh yeah?

Shiba: So then it could be that the feelings that start because of a dream like that are just a misunderstanding.
Agatsuma: Even if it’s a misunderstanding, the fact that you get curious about her is for real. So doesn’t that make them honest feelings?

Rio: (So is it a misunderstanding? Is it for real? Just what is this?)

Agatsuma: Well either way, even if you start looking at her because of a dream, that’ll wear off faster than you think.
Rio: Eh?

Rio: Is that how it is? Weird.

Rio: …..

Rio: (So then why am I kind of bothered by that. Is that the fault of this being a misunderstanding? How scary.)

Shiba: Maybe. Doesn’t it really depend on the situation in the dream though?

Rio: (The situation in the dream… dear God.)

Agatsuma & Shiba: So? Who did you dream about?
Rio: Not telling.

Agatsuma: Wha—! You punk!
Shiba: You must’ve had quite the skeevy dream.

Rio: (Well if it’s just a bug, then there’s nothing to be done.)

Akari: (A topic that would bring us closer together…)

Akari: (Is there something…?)

Akari: (He probably likes movies. But I don’t know much about them.)

Akari: !

Akari: (If I don’t know much about movies, I can just ask him to tell me about them!)

Kazu: A movie I’d recommend? I have a lot!

Akari: (He’s so much more engaged than normal.)
Kazu (side): What kind do you like? Are old ones okay?
Akari: (It’s really effective to ask about things the other person likes.)

Kazu (side): So, that one also has really beautiful imagery.
Akari: Wah!

Akari: (He’s so into this. How cute.)

Kazu: Ah, that movie is pretty good.

Kazu: It’s not the most recent, but the story is unusual so it’s interesting.

Kazu: I think it’d be the type of thing you like.

Akari: sfx (THUMP)

Akari: (Why did my heart thump like that just now.)

Kazu: It’s a cool movie so I actually bought the DVD myself. So I’ll loan it to you.

Friend: Hey now, hey now, Kazuomi. “I think it would be the kind of thing you like.”

Friend: Isn’t that the same as saying “I know all about you, Yamamoto”?
Akari: !!

Akari: (That—that’s why! That’s why my heart banged like that.) (Thanks for clearing that up!)

Kazu: Why do you go straight to saying that kind of thing.

Kazu: I don’t like it when people say pointless things like that to me.
Akari: (Ah… is he upset?)

Akari: (He didn’t get this irritated before. It’s kind of a shock… I really don’t understand him after all.)

Akari: Up until that point it was such a good conversation…

Akari: He recommended a movie he thought I’d like. I wanted the conversation to end with like that.
Yuna: I wonder what kind of movie it was.

Yuna: Should we go borrow it?

sfx: (knock knock)

Rio: ?
Inui: Hold on!
Window: (rattles)

Yuna: Oh good, you were here, Kazu.
Kazu: What’s up Yuna?

Rio: (Yuna-chan? From the window?)

Rio: (What’s with this, like it’s so normal for them to talk like this.)

Yuna: (Ah!)

Akari: Um, that movie you told me about today, I wanted to borrow it. Ah—

Akari: You’re here, Rio?
Rio: Yeah.

Rio: ………

Kazu: Hold on a second, I’ll go get it.

Kazu: Here it is. You can return it whenever.

Akari: Oh, is this it?
Kazu: See you.

window: (closes. shuts.)
Yuna: ….
Akari: ….

Yuna: Didn’t that seem a bit like he wanted us gone?
Akari: Well…

Akari: Going there out of the blue wasn’t the best thing to do, either.
Yuna: But I always do that.
(They’re going to get candy.)

Akari: I’m so lost, trying to figure out how to get closer to him.

Akari: Oh, there’s a festival?

Yuna: Yeah, we have one at the neighborhood shrine every year.
Akari: ….

Akari: Hey… Do you want to invite Inui-kun and Rio, and the four of us can go?
Yuna: !!

Yuna: I do! (side: That’s so perfect!)

Akari: Then Yuna, you’ll invite Rio?
Yuna: Huh? Wouldn’t it be more natural for you to do it?

Akari: If I do it, it’ll seem like there’s some meaning behind it… I don’t think it’s such a good idea.
Yuna: Oh, that could be true… I see.

Yuna: Then Akari, you’ll invite Kazu-kun.

Akari: Okay! It’ll be our mission.
Yuna: Yeah!

Akari: We’re going to the festival!
Yuna: Let’s do our best!

Kazu: Oh

Kazu: The neighborhood festival?

Akari: Yes!

Kazu: You mean just the two of us?

Akari: No, with Yuna, and we’re inviting Rio too.

Kazu: Oh, I see. Well, if that’s the case, then I guess so.

Kazu: Yeah, if Rio goes, then it’s fine.

Akari: Wh… The way you said that

Akari: it sounds like if it were the two of us, you’d have said no.

Kazu: It’s not like… well, I guess it is.
Akari: (Depressed!)

Akari: Eh, why! Does that mean you’re actually into me? Just kidding!!

Kazu: No that’s not it. Hahaha.

Akari: (Ah, this…) Right! Just a joke, just kidding.

Akari: (This is a terrible way of closing distance. A complete failure. There’s no way I can get him to like me.)

Akari: So anyway, if Rio goes too, you’ll go.

Akari: I’ll tell Yuna.
Kazu: Kay.

Akari: (Oh how depressing. I want to go home.)

Akari: (The excitement of going to a festival is all blown away.)

Yuna: Ah, how did it go, Akari?
Akari: (But)

Akari: (Yuna’s excited and I don’t want to get her down, so…)
Akari: Yup, he’ll go!

Yuna: Really? Awesome!
Akari: But only on the condition that Rio goes too. [actually depressed]

Akari: So it’s up to you, Yuna! Good luck! [actually depressed] A festival together!

Yuna: O.. okay!

Yuna: (For my sake, and for Akari’s sake, I’ll do my best!)
Akari: Go! Go! [actually depressed]

Yuna: (Where could Rio be… He wasn’t in his class, or at the school store…)

Yuna: (There he is! Found him! But…)

Yuna: (He’s with a girl. I can’t interrupt…)

Girl: So, how is August 6th?
Rio: August 6th?

Yuna: (!! That’s the same day as the festival.)

Yuna: (Ahhhhh, she got to him first. If I’d just been a little faster.)

Yuna: [remembering Akari’s words] (Only on the condition that Rio goes. So it’s up to you, Yuna! Good luck!]

Yuna: (If I just give up without doing anything, I won’t be able to face Akari-chan.)

Yuna: (At… at least I can try asking.)

Voice: Ah, Ichihara-san!
Yuna: Eh?

Yuna: Oh, Agatsuma-kun, Shiba-kun.
Shiba: Why are you walking back and forth?

Shiba: Oh, did you need to talk to Rio?

Yuna: Ye—yeah. A festival!

Shiba: You’re going to a festival?

Yuna: With Akari-chan and Kazu-kun. We were talking about wanting to go, so… (I have to ask him quickly.)

Shiba: That sounds fun. I’d like to go. When is it?

Yuna: August 6th! (Huh? This conversation went a weird direction didn’t it?)

Agatsuma: Oh, I’m busy with my girlfriend on that day. I can’t go.
Shiba: I’m free! Who else is going?
Yuna: (Um?? Um???)

Yuna: (Even though I came to ask Rio… this is so strange…)

Yuna: (But I have to do this fast.) Ummm, Rio is… I mean, Rio… (He’ll end up making plans with that girl…) (My mission will fail…)

Yuna: (I have to ask him!) With Rio!

Rio: Yes?

Rio: I’m right here.

Yuna: Ack! Rio-kun.

Rio: The festival? On August 6th? I’m free.

Yuna: ! Really?

Yuna: But that girl right now… it’s okay?

Rio: Yeah, I heard about it from Kazu. So I turned her down.

Yuna: Uh! You heard about it from Kazu?
Rio: Yup.

Yuna: (I see~~~ There was no need to worry~~~~)

Yuna: (But…)

Yuna: (A festival, together… Rio-kun… with Rio-kun!!)

Yuna: (What do I do. I’m suddenly so excited. I get to go with Rio-kun…)

Yuna: Then, I’ll update you when we know more details.
Rio: Okay.

Yuna: (Ho…)

Yuna: (Hooray——————!! Eek! Eek!)

Rio: Should we go back in?
Agatsuma: Yeah, lunch is almost over.

Kazu: Hey, hey, Rio. Are you free on August 6th? There’s a festival in the neighborhood—

Rio: !!

Rio: You already told me about it!
Kazu: Whu

Rio: And I said I woudl go.
Kazu: Wha

Rio: You’re terrible! So forgetful, Kazu.
Kazu: Whaaaaaat?

Shiba: So… do you think it’s okay for me to go?
Agatsuma: Why not.

Yuna: It’s so… great.

Yuna: It’s my first time going to a festival with a boy.
Akari: Then you have to wear a yukata.

Yuna: But we all get to go! I’m so relieved.
Akari: Yup! It’s great.

Yuna: I’m looking forward to it!

Kazu: Just what do you think you’re doing, going into someone’s room without asking?

Kazu: Nii-chan.
Nii-chan: Hey there Kazu. Long time no see.

Kazu: Don’t say that. You should call Dad sometime.
Nii-chan: Ahaha… don’t worry about it.

Nii-chan: More importantly, what’s with these test scores.
Kazu: Hey— don’t look at those.

Nii-chan: It’s like you’re doing it on purpose.

Kazu: Hn? Did you say something? Just why did you come today?

Nii-chan: I just had to pick something up.
Kazu: I see. Do you want something to drink?

Nii-chan: Nah, I’m not a guest. Don’t try to take care of me.
Kazu: Ah, well, that’s true.

Nii-chan: Kazu.

Nii-chan: Are you okay?

Kazu: ? Yeah… why do you ask? Because of the tests?

Nii-chan: Well, anyway, you’ve still got quite the collection of DVDs.

Kazu: You’re already changing the topic?
Nii-chan: Did you want to do something in the movie industry when you get older?

Kazu: No way, it’s just a hobby.

Nii-chan: I see.

Nii-chan: Well then, I got a chance to see you, so I’m headed out.

Kazu: Eh? Already?
Nii-chan: It’s about time for Mom to get home.

Nii-chan: You grew some, didn’t you. Did you get a girlfriend or something?
Kazu: What’s with you all of a sudden.
Nii-chan: Did you?

Kazu: No.
Nii-chan: Is there a girl you like?

Kazu: No.
Nii-chan: Hahaha.

Kazu: Why are you laughing. How irritating.
Nii-chan: All right, time to go for real.

Nii-chan: Oh, right.

Nii-chan: When you lie, you have a habit of rubbing your nose. Did you know?

Kazu: !

Kazu: (For real? Tell me sooner….)