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Translation: OmoFuri Ch18

Translation Note: Feel free to use my translation for scanlations if you want, just drop me a line so I know.

Yuna: What? You aren’t going to wear a yukata?

Akari: Yeah, I just thought there wasn’t much point…

Yuna: With only me wearing one, it looks like I’m the only one into it… how embarrassing.
Akari: That’s not true!

Yuna: Please wear one with me, Akari!
Akari: Well… but…

Yuna: I see.

Akari: ……….

Akari: Okay, I’ll wear one.

Yuna: I’m so glad! Promise, okay?
Akari: Okay, okay.

Akari: It’s about time for me to be getting home.

Yuna’s mom: Akari you’re leaving?
Akari: Yes, thank you for having me!

Yuna’s mom: Oh, we have some watermelon. Won’t you take some with you?
Akari: Oh! Thank you so much.

Akari: (A yukata, huh…)

Akari: (If it wouldn’t help Inui-kun like me, there’s no point in going that far.)

Akari: (Would a yukata get him interested?)

Akari: (I mean, what what would it take to get him to like me?)

Akari: [Researching hypnotism] AH.

Akari: Just what am I looking up!!

Akari: (I need to return this. But I want to watch it one more time, first. Two, three more times.)

Akari: (That’s how much I like it.)

Kazu: “I think it would be the kind of think you’d like.”

Akari: (Once I heard him say that, I wanted to cling to the faint possibility.) (What terrible words.)

Yuna: (I wonder if Kazu-kun is here.)

Yuna: (Oh, he is.)

Yuna: !! Rio-kun!

Rio: If you’re looking for Kazu, he’s in the bathroom.
Yuna: Oh I see. You surprised me!

Rio: …………

Rio: Do you come and see Kazu like this often?
Yuna: Hm?

Yuna: Not often, necessarily. Today my mom asked me to bring over some watermelon.

Rio: Hmmmm. I see.

Kazu: Oh? Yuna’s here?
Yuna: Yeah, my mom told me to bring over watermelon. OH!

Rio: You forgot the bars were there, didn’t you.

Yuna: Ahaha! I can’t believe I did that. How embarrassing…

[Rio’s heart: SQUEEZE.]

Kazu: I’ll open the door.
Yuna: Okay!

Rio: (Is this really a simple bug?)

Rio: (Just a misunderstanding? Hallucination? THIS?)

Rio: (Even if it was started by a dream, maybe that’s not a problem? I mean, at this rate, I definitely have feelings for…)

Rio: (But just the other day I said I liked Akari. And I even got Yuna’s advice. Isn’t this too fast a turnaround?)

Rio: (Not to mention I’ve even turned her down once.)

Rio: (There’s so much wrong going on here.)
Kazu: Hey.

Kazu: Aren’t you going to eat the watermelon Yuna brought?

Rio: I am.

Rio: …………..

Rio: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Kazu: Seriously what’s with you right now.

Rio: ……….

Rio: Kazu.
Kazu: What?

Rio: Do you like someone?
Kazu: ?!

Kazu: What are you asking all of a sudden. I don—

Kazu: I don’t.

Rio: Then forget about it. You wouldn’t get what I’m talking about.

Kazu: ?

Akari: Rio————

Rio: Hm? Are you ready?

Akari: Just a few more minutes. But Yuna’s waiting downstairs, she says. Could you go ahead?

Rio: Got it.
Akari: Sorry, I’ll be there soon!
Rio: Sure.

Rio: Akari wasn’t putting on a yukata, wasn’t she. Which means…

Rio: Yuna-chan also…

Yuna: Oh, Rio-kun.

Rio: …………

Rio: Akari said she’ll be down soon.
Akari: Oh, yeah? Okay.

Rio: That’s nice. The yukata. It’s cute.
Yuna: !

Yuna: (It’s the same as the other day.)

Yuna: (Rio is good at complimenting things like this.)
Yuna: Thank you.

Rio: Nn.

Rio&Yuna: (This is so nerve-wracking.)

Kazu: Heey! Rio! Yuna!

Rio: Hey.
Yuna: (Kazu showing up is a relief in some ways. I wouldn’t have been able to handle my heart otherwise!)

Kazu: Oh, Yamamoto-san’s not here yet?
Akari: Sorry to keep you!

Kazu: Oh, she’s h—

Akari: Oh! I’m the last one! Sorry, sorry!

Yuna: Akari, your yukata’s so adult and pretty!
Akari: Yours is really cute too!

Kazu: Well then. Off we go!

Akari: (Huh? Just now… was he looking at me?)

Akari: (Does that mean it was good to wear the yukata?)

Agatsuma: Heeeeeeeeey!

Rio: He’s in our class.
Agatsuma: I’m Agatsuma.
Kazu: We haven’t talked before, huh. I’m Inui.

Yuna: I’m sorry! It just sort of ended up like this.
Akari: No worries, no worries. Agatsuma-kun seems like a nice guy. Let’s just have fun today.

Yuna: Yes. I’ll do my best to get closer with Rio-kun.

Yuna: You, too, with Kazu-kun!
Akari: Eh? Oh, yes…!

Akari: (If doing my best made a difference, I’d go all out.)

[Does that mean you’re actually into me?]

[No, that’s not it.]

Akari: (I wonder if there’s still a chance.)

Rio: (Oh.)

Rio: (It looks like her.)
Agatsuma: Hey, doesn’t that look like Ichihara?

Yuna: Oh? Does it?
Agatsuma: It does, it does!

Yuna: Well, now that you’ve pointed it out, I feel a little bit drawn to it…
Agatsuma: Should I buy it for you?

Yuna: What? You don’t have to!

Agatsuma: You don’t have to hold back, it’s a small thing.

Rio: No need to argue guys.

Rio: I already bought it.

Rio: Mm.
Yuna: Eh?
Rio: For you.

Yuna: You’re sure? Thank you!

Rio: Sure.

Yuna: (He… gave me a present!)
Agatsuma: It really does look like her!
Akari: Show me?

Yuna: (Aaaahhh… I definitely won’t forget today.) Oh.

Yuna: Th… then…

Yuna: Put on this mask and let’s take a picture together!
Yuna: (Even if he puts it over his face, that’s fine! I just want a picture together.)

Agatsuma: Great idea!

Yuna: (This isn’t what I meant.)
Rio: Cheese.

Akari: (I’ll get a nicer picture of the two of you later!)

Akari: Target practice! I want to try.
Agatsuma: I’ll try too.
Rio: Nice.

Akari: Huh?

Akari: Huh?

Akari: Whu?

Akari: Eehhh—! I can’t hit it at all! I only have two left?

Akari: OKAY. I’ll get it with the next shot!

Akari: What! I hit it! Then I’ll just have to get it on this last shot.

Kazu: Hold it tighter to yourself.
Akari: Eh?
Kazu: It will have a stronger impact if you do.

Akari: Okay, I’ll try that.

Akari: Let’s go.

Akari: Ah

Kazu: Not the center.

Kazu: Aim for the side.

Akari: (Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh?)

Akari: (Hold on, is this something to be hopeful about? Or not? Just which is it?)

Stall dude: Hey boy, that’s cheating, you can’t do that.

Kazu: I’m sorry.
Akari: Ah!

Kazu: Too bad, it was no good.
Akari: Hahaha.
Akari: (You played a part in that, Inui-kun.)

Akari: (But he’s always clueless, right?)
Akari: Did you get one, Rio?

Rio: No I failed.
Yuna: Agatsuma-kun is trying now.

Akari: Oh, good luck, Agatsuma-kun!
Rio: What if you aimed for a lighter one?
Agatsuma: Please be quiet, everyone.

Stall dude: Oh! Congratulations, boy!

Someone: Eh? Kazu, you got it?

Kazu: …yeah. I did.

Agatsuma: All right! I’ll definitely get one too!

Kazu: Yamamoto-san.

Kazu: Here.

Akari: Eh?

Kazu: You wanted this, right? It’s yours.

Akari: You got it for me? Thank you!

Kazu: No! It was just coincidence.
Akari: (Um, is there such thing as shooting something by coincidence…?)

Kazu: …… ……..

Akari (Inui-kun’s feelings…)

Kazu: Actually, that’s a lie. It’s because I got in the way earlier.

Akari: (…I can’t read them at all. But…)

Akari: (Is it all right for me to hold onto my hopes?)

Everyone: Rock, paper, scissors!

Agatsuma: See you later!

[Food-getting group vs finding-a-place-to-eat group]

Agatsuma: Being so active makes me hungry!
Yuna: I can’t wait for yakisoba!
Agatsuma: Me too. Why is yakisoba so good at festivals?

Yuna: I know what you mean! Probably because you’re in a good mood when you eat it.
Agatsuma: Ichihara-san,

Agatsuma: You’ve gotten much easier to talk to than before.

Yuna: Eh? I have? Was I intimidating?

Agatsuma: The opposite, I think. You always seemed afraid.

Agatsuma: So if someone talked to you, you’d get even more so. Which meant the person talking to you had to prepare themselves for it.

Agatsuma: But it’s not like that at all, now.

Yuna: I had no idea.

Yuna: Up until now, I thought I was the only one nervous.

Yuna: But because of that, I made everyone else nervous too. I never realized before.

Yuna: Haha.
Agatsuma: Hm?

Yuna: It’s probably thanks to Akari-chan that I’ve changed.

Yuna: I was so happy that she treated me so thoughtfully. I didn’t really have that before. So I grew more confident, I suppose.

Yuna: But it’s not just Akari-chan. Rio-chan also told me I was awesome.

Yuna: Little things like that, one after another, helped me gain confidence.

Yuna: And you, too!
Agatsuma: What? Me?

Yuna: At the goukon. When you said everyone probably thought I was an introvert.
Agatsuma: Ahhh…

Yuna: That helped me be braver. Thank you.
Agatsuma: Of course.

Rio: Great, we’ve bought everything.
Kazu: It’s gotten crowded.
Rio: Let’s go back.

Akari: Ack!

Akari&man: I’m sorry!

Akari: (What, they’re so fast!)

Akari: Heeeeeeeeeey! Wait uuuuuuuuuup!

Akari: They can’t hear me. Ugh! I can’t walk that fast in a yukata!

Akari: (But it’s true then, he’s not concerned about me.)

Akari: (There’s nothing to hope for is there?)

Kazu: Huh?

Kazu: Yamamoto-san is missing!

Rio: Ah. It’s fine.
Kazu: What is?!

Kazu: Just why aren’t you more concerned?

Rio: What? Why’re you getting mad at—

Kazu: Hey! RIO.

Kazu: Just what is ‘fine’ about this.