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Translation: OmoFuri Ch 20

Narration: If Inui-kun doesn’t like me, there’s no help for it.
Narration: What I can do…
Narration: Is be normal, so Inui-kun doesn’t feel awkward around me.

Akari: (Or so I keep telling myself, as this new term starts…)
Yuna: Oh!

Yuna: Kazu-kun, morning.
Kazu: Morning.
Akari: (It’s him!)

Akari: (Just be normal, just be normal.)
Akari: Inui-kun, morning.

Kazu: Oh.
Kazu: Mornin’.

Narration: And thus I’ve cleared our first greeting! Great!

Akari: …. Eh? Inui-kun, did you get skinnier, somehow?

Kazu: Maybe because I took up running, lately?
Yuna: What? Kazu-kun, you’ve been running? Why?

Kazu: I just felt like I wanted to get stronger, I guess. And it helps me clear my head.

Yuna: Wow…

Akari: (I’m… I’m glad. For now, we’re having a natural conversation. Yup!)

Akari: Th..then, shall we get going? Yuna, let’s go~!
Yuna: Oh!

Yuna: Wait! Akari-chan.

Yuna: Are you going to take those with you?

Akari: Whoopsies!!! Silly me~~! I guess I'm still in summer mode!!!! Hahaha.

Akari: Ah hahahahahahaha.

Kazu: (She’s flustered.)
Rio: Kazuuuuuuuuuu.

Kazu: Oh, Rio.
Rio: Mornin’. Was that really loud person just now Akari?
Kazu: Yeah…

Akari: That wasn’t natural of me, was it.

Yuna: It… it was fine!

Akari: But for me to try walking into school with my shoes in my hands! When I’d managed to have a normal, good conversation!
Yuna: B-but…

Yuna: It’s the first time you’ve seen Kazu-kun since the festival! Given that, I think you were really successful!

Yuna: I mean, when Rio turned me down, I couldn’t even talk to him for a while! So you’re doing a great job, Akari-chan.

Akari: Yuna…

Akari: Thank you, Yuna!
Yuna: Ehehe.

Akari: But you know…

Akari: I don’t want him to feel weird about things. So if I’m going to do things like this…

Akari: Wouldn’t it just be better if I don’t really try to talk to him?

Yuna: Akari-chan. (Being in the same class just makes things like this unreasonably difficult…)

Yuna: Oh, right.

Yuna: Akari-chan, I don’t know if this will really help you feel better, but…

Yuna: Please have this, if you want it.

Akari: Eh? What is it? Can I open it?
Yuna: Sure.

Akari: Ooh, cookies! Eh? Yuna, did you make these? It’s really okay for me to have it?

Yuna: I ended up making too much!

Akari: Thank you! Of course this helps me feel better!

Agatsuma: You’re such good friends! Ahahaha.

Yuna: Oh!

Yuna: Agatsuma-kun, morning.
Agatsuma: Mornin’. Summer vacation’s finally over!

Yuna: Eh? You’re pleased about it?
Agatsuma: Yup. I wanted to come back to school.

Yuna: Wow… that’s unusual.
Agatsuma: Well I get to see everyone!

Rio: (Ugh, it’s just like Shiba said… Those two are good together.)

Rio: (What the hell. Why me.)

Rio: (I can’t even do anything about my feelings.)

Rio: (I mean, if it’s all my own misunderstanding because of that dream, and I go into this carelessly, only to find out I don’t feel that way after all… it’s just going to hurt Yuna-chan.)

Kazu: What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to say hi?

Rio: I’m trying to take her feelings into account by not going over there. [Rio actually uses a word that’s gender neutral but that would sound more purposeful than it actually is in Japanese, so ‘her’ works best here.]
Kazu: Huh?

Kazu: (Ooh.)

Kazu: (Yamamoto-san.)

Shiba: Oh, Rio you’re here.

Rio: Morning.

Agatsuma: Morning, Rio.

Rio: ……… What are you eating?
Agatsuma: A cookie.

Agatsuma: Rio did you want one?
Rio: Mmmm… no, I’m fine.

Rio: Where’d you get it, anyway?
Agatsuma: This?

Agatsuma: Ichihara-san gave it to me.
Rio: !

Rio: Eh, why?
Shiba: They’re homemade, he says!

Agatsuma: I dunno why, but she gave me one!

Rio: )Now just why is she giving Agatsuma homemade things…?)

Shiba: To get a homemade cookie…

Shiba: It couldn’t possibly be that Ichihara-san was giving you a confession~~~~~

Agatsuma: What’re you talking about! She did no such thing.

Rio: (Whew.)

Agatsuma: But. If she did, I’d be really happy.

Narration: He’s a good guy, after all. Agatsuma. Yeah.

Teacher: And so the votes are in… and next month’s cultural festival offering will be a Youthful Photo Championship!

Akari: (What would be the best way…)

Akari: (To put the right amount of distance between myself and Inui-kun, so I don’t make problems for him.)

Teacher: In other words, those participating will shoot photos around the school, with the theme of capturing images representative of youthful enjoyment. They will then use those images in a competition.

Teacher: Time to decide everyone’s roles.
Akari: (Even if I don’t just flat out avoid him)

Akari: (I should pull back as much as possible. I do that, and I can give my own feelings some time to cool off, too.)
Teacher: Then, let’s see…

Teacher: Photography helper team B is… Inui-kun and Yamamoto-san.

Akari: EH?!
Teacher: The C team is…

Akari: What the hell, Photography helper team B!! Just when I’d decided to stay away from him for a while!

Yuna: Helping guide the participants to areas for photos… Locating areas around school that would be good places for images… it’s like a tour conductor.

Yuna: Whether or not the participants could possibly win… will be influenced by the hard work of the helping groups.

Yuna: So if the two of you are uncomfortable, the customers will be affected…

Akari: You’re the one asking people to participate right? I wish I could have done that too.

Akari: Oh…

Akari: It’s Rio.
Yuna: It is!

Yuna: Good. I needed to talk to him about something.
Akari: Did you?

Akari: Perfect timing. I have to go to the bathroom, so go on ahead to catch him.
Yuna: Okay, got it!

Yuna: I’ll see you in a little bit.

Yuna: Rio-kun.

Rio: Oh, Yuna.
Yuna: I’m glad I caught you! I thought I might not see you around school today.

Rio: Did you need me for something?

Yuna: Eh? Are you not feeling well?

Rio: No, I’m totally fine!
Yuna: Really? (Then that’s good.)

Rio: (It’s not like I can ask, “Why did you give Agatsuma a cookie,” can I?)
Yuna: Right right.

Rio: Here, for you!

Rio: Eh… this is…
Yuna: I wanted to thank you for the rabbit mask, so I made cookies.

Yuna: I made a whole lot, so I could put only really good ones together for you. The best ones!

Yuna: So I handed out the rest to other people…

Yuna: Oh, though I did give the second best ones to Akari-chan…

Rio: I can have these?
Yuna: What, of course! I made them as a thank you, after all.

Yuna: So… that is…

Rio: The best?

Yuna: Yup… the best!

Narration: Even though it started because of a dream…

Narration: That really isn’t important anymore.

Rio: Thank you. I’m really happy.
Narration: The one thing I know for sure…

Narration: Is that it’s not the Yuna in the dream

Narration: It’s the Yuna here in front of me
Yuna: You’re welcome!
Narration: That I’m in love with.

Rio: …. You’re not with Akari today?
Yuna: Oh! Um…
(Line sounds)

Msg: You should head home with Rio~~(kissmark)
Msg: I’m going to stop by somewhere on the way home.
Yuna: Akari-chan…

Yuna: Akari-chan says she has somewhere she needs to go.
Rio: Okay. Then.

Rio: Let’s go home together.

Kazu: (“I’m trying to take her feelings into account by not going over there. “)

Kazu: (Rio doesn’t want to deal with his own feelings.)

Kazu: (Because… it isn’t fair.)

Kazu: (Well what could make it fair?)

Kazu: (It’s stuff like this… things it’s just better not to think about, that make me run.)

Kazu: (I’m so strange.)

Akari: I thought I would get Rio to return this for me…
Akari: I wonder if that makes it look like I’m thinking too much…

Akari: (And now we’re together for the cultural festival. For me to forcefully look like I’m trying not to care about the thing at the summer festival all over again… poor Inui-kun.)

Akari: Well then! I shall be bold and go return this right now!

Akari: (I say that.)

Akari: (I should’ve sent him a LINE message first. If I LINE him now…)

Akari: (I wonder if he’s even here.)

Akari: (The window is a little open.)

Akari: (Does that mean he’s here?)

Voice: Need something?

Akari: Oh… Um…

Kazu’s brother: Are you Kazu’s friend?

Akari: Oh, yes.
Brother: I see.


Akari: (That scared me!)
Brother: Hm? He won’t come out? His shoes are here so I’m pretty sure he is, too.

Brother: I’m going to go check so hold on a sec.

Akari: Okay!

Akari: (I wonder if he’s Inui-kun’s older brother.)

Brother: Come on in and wait in his room.

Akari: Oh, um… but…
Akari: (I don’t know anything about this person.)

Kazu: HEY, NIICHAN. The hell.

Brother: Oh? He’s yelling something. Anyway, come in.
Akari: (He’s his brother…)

Brother: Come on in and wait a few moments. This is the room.

Akari: (I wonder if it’s really okay for me to be in his room.)

Akari: (Inui-kun lets girls in his room freely…)

Akari: (He has lots of movie DVDs…)

Akari: (I shouldn’t stare.)

Brother: Kay then Kazu I’m headed out!

Kazu: Ack, Nii-chan, wait!

Kazu: Which friend is here? Will you answer me?
Brother: Weell I don’t know your friends’ names, you know.

Akari: (Onii-san… you absolutely haven’t explained enough to Inui-kun.)

Brother: Kazu will be here shortly! See you!

Akari: (What? That’s it?)

Akari: (Inui-kun… wouldn’t even dream of me being in his room.)

Akari: (But even if I’m freaking out, it’s not like there’s anything I can do, I’m already here…)

Akari: (So I just have to do my best to act normal… so normal… so as not to surprise him.)

Akari: Oh hi—I’ve come to vi—

Kazu: Huh?

Akari: W—



Akari: AH!

Akari: My legs— they’re asleep— ow!
Kazu: Be careful!

Kazu: Are you okay?

Akari: AAH

Akari: WH— DA—

Narration: EH

Narration: EH

Akari: (Why isn’t he moving?)

(Note: It’s the fault of her hands.)

Ding Dong~

Rio: Kazu————

Akari&Kazu: !

Akari: It’s Rio’s voice!

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