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I spent a while considering this and I came up with not really knowing which pairing I prefer to write. Emotionally, I would like to say that I prefer to write Aiba/Jun but logically I know that this isn't true.

I think I like to write characters and I like to write scenes but, coupled with that, is that a part of my characterisation of Jun and Aiba (or Ohno and Nino) is that they have more-than-friendly feelings towards the other even if that's not explicitly what I'm talking about at the time.

This kind of goes back around to wanting to know how other people write (please! feel free to share with me!) because I generally have scenes with no real story for a long time before I work the story around them. It seems to be the case that I will write something with a pairing in mind (or no pairing) and then, when I come to work with it more completely, I'll feel that it works better in a different context. (Uh, which is why I suspect I will never be an amazing storyteller and I have a great admiration for people who are. There's a massive difference, imo, with being a storyteller and having a plot - you can tell a whole story in a few sentences if they're the right ones.)

I agree with you about the relative difficulty of Aiba/Jun and it ties in with that how I see it. Originally, I was confused because for me (taking Ohmiya out of the equation) Aiba/Jun is the obvious pairing but after thinking about it more I realised that there is not really, bar a few occasions, anything overt about it. So, apart from the difficulty with the balance thing which I think is true (I feel like such a tool saying this, btw), I think that there is a certain emotional maturity in the people who write Aiba/Jun that allows them to access a subtextual level that can otherwise be missed. Obviously, I'm kind of a crazy tinhat so that might not mean a lot, but, as an observation of the people who write it who I don't know, I think it holds.

(Also: I have this idea about Sho/Aiba writers tending to write fic-from-fic/fanon rather than fic-from-canon but I'm not quite sure how to put it or even if it's really fair of me to say given that comparatively I've read very little Aiba/Sho).

It is strange how romanticised Jun isn't (and how there is relatively little pairing fic about Jun) especially given that he is - let's say - the romantic lead of Arashi. I don't even think it's a fangirl desire to have him to oneself. Perhaps people just find him too complicated? I'm being unkind again, but I think perhaps that Jun has too many overt conflicting personality traits for some people to want to have to deal with. So you can have Sho the faily intellect, Nino the mean one, Ohno the spacey one, Aiba the idiot and Jun the princess who is actually sometimes mean like Nino but also very romantic but then also forthright and then sometimes he's ridiculously happy for no reason and then etc.

Again, I don't know how true that is but given the general one-dimensionality that I have read in non-Jun pairing fics, I think there's a reasonable chance of it having a little truth in it. If, for example, we took a selection of Shukudai-kun episodes, I think we'd find that Jun would have the most dynamic personality out of all of them.

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