aeslis: (Bleach ★ Got My Glasses On)
aeslis ([personal profile] aeslis) wrote 2009-08-04 12:14 pm (UTC)

But it's interesting, and you're not really off-topic at all! We're still talking about writing fanfiction, aren't we? It's meta, even if it's not the same meta.

What's your favorite pairing to write, then? I do understand where Sho/Aiba comes from, but I've tried to write it and didn't do a very good job. I think you're very right about the quality difference, though. I'm interested to hear your theory on why. I have a budding idea, myself, but I'm not sure if I could turn it into words, yet; it has to do with how Jun is treated as a character. The Jun/Aiba pairing hinges on a fairly delicate balance that's hard to pull off unless you're a solid writer, and thus is more interesting to more skilled writers, perhaps. Something like that. A study of contrasts. Whereas Sho/Aiba... authors tend to romanticise them a lot more. I wonder why. I would think that Jun could easily be just as romanticised, especially since he tends to attract the craziest fans. (Yes, I went and said it.)

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