Someone wrote in [personal profile] aeslis 2009-08-04 12:00 pm (UTC)

more emotional, get-it-out-in-a-burst sort of writer--am I right?

Ahaha, yes very much so. I think part of it is that I've rarely got any free time where I can just sit down and write so it's easier for me to say something so it feels natural to me, type it fast and then fix it later.

I feel a lot of childish and pathetic things when it comes to Arashi fic, I don't even know when I became so overinvested but maybe it's that I've been spoiled before - previously my pairing was also fandom's pairing which makes a massive difference, I think, to a fannish experience. (Also, Arashi fandom's second favourite pairing - Sho/Aiba - happens to be my ultimate least favourite - I DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND IT OR WHERE IT COMES FROM AT ALL and it frustrates me no end.) I think part of my wanting to know other people's processes and how they write and why they do what they do is, weirdly, a way to see why people ship Jun/Aiba? It's just - I think there's a huge (general) quality difference between the people who write and ship Jun/Aiba compared to people who write and ship, for example, Sho/Aiba. I'm curious about why that is. I mean, I have theories but most of them are unkind and I wouldn't say them out loud. :)

I have gone way off topic now. sorry D:

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