aeslis: (ニノ ★ There's Magic in the World)
aeslis ([personal profile] aeslis) wrote 2009-08-03 12:43 pm (UTC)

That doesn't happen for me in particular, but I'm certainly not surprised that it does for some people! I just tend to be ridiculously over-conscious of the balance and flow of my sentences. But I think the fact that that happens for you means you're a more emotional, get-it-out-in-a-burst sort of writer--am I right? Just a hunch. But GOOD that you have a friend that'll say that.

UGH. Yes. You know, it's childish maybe, but I feel that way too, completely. I wonder sometimes if the badfic in fandom is more accessible (less intimidating) to those whose first language isn't English, or those that are less... discerning. Is that horrible of me? I seriously just don't get it otherwise. It sucks that fic that has time and effort put into it, and is of higher quality, tends to be overlooked in this fandom.

The company really makes or breaks it. I give you absolute permission to ask me anytime! (If, uh, you ever want to.) I love those kinds of comments, far beyond the normal "This was great!" type.

I think that's actually a fascinating idea. I wonder if a community like that could be made? There would probably be other people who are interested. I would be, for sure.

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