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The other thing I think with sentences and where beta readers are so helpful is that often - especially when you've been working on something for a long time - the scene/emotions are so vivid for you that you fail to realise it doesn't actually make any sense at all. Actually, I'm not sure if that's a problem other people have but I frequently get my friend saying to me 'look, this is just nonsense. read it word by word' and then I'm horrified when I do.

Totally with you on the 'Why?' with the Ohmiya fics, too.

I'm glad that I'm in a place where I don't actually care about my comments in relation to other people's, because that way lies madness but if I'm being honest (not just in this fandom, in previous ones too) I get so annoyed still if I have a fic that I slaved over for months/weeks and people like other fic of mine better. I know that's a little childish but dammit, sometimes that fic is my baby >:( I feel so embarrassed admitting that. :/

I really love talking about this stuff too. I used to hate it but I think the difference is in finding a group of writers whose work I admire and whose processes I would like to know more about. There are times when I read a line in fic and I really want to ask 'why did you choose that?' but it never really seems appropriate. It would be nice if there was kind of a 'round table' type thing where people could do that (and that, by participating you agree to ask other people a question/offer a criticism too - to remove the possible imbalance that could be slightly humiliating) but I think it's probably unworkable and it's pretty much just because I selfishly want to see other people talk anyway :)

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