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Ah, this is such a good post (and I admit, I came into it expecting it to be unbearable and pretentious :| )

I find POV so hard because my natural instinct is to do present tense + fixed POV and then I'll hit a segment where I wish I hadn't and it will frustrate me for days and days until I get over myself and reword it. (At the moment I'm stuck in 'oh self, why did you choose Ohno's POV again, you know how much harder it is'.)

Sentences are such a constant embarrassment for me (and a big reason why I should get an actual beta instead of just asking friends to look it over) because I write almost exactly like I speak and there are just so many conjunctions in the world it seems like a shame not to use them. Sometimes I read back and I realise my entire paragraph is one sentence DDDD:

When I'm writing I'm always aware that I use 'says' or 'said' probably too much but I can never bring myself to change it more than occasionally just because as a reader it bugs me so much. I'm glad that someone else feels that way. What I usually end up doing is making sure there is enough 'action' between each one that it doesn't read like a script.

In my previous fandom I had a beta who was a very good friend and we would do it for each other (sadly, we are no longer in the same fandoms so it doesn't really work) but it was completely and utterly invaluable. Just having the ability to say 'I know this doesn't work but I'm not sure how to fix it' to someone, or have them say that to you - suggestions or not - was really refreshing and actually quite good fun.

The most important thing here is really to remember who you're writing for. If you're writing for yourself, it's probably best to keep it to yourself, too.

I do disagree with this though, I mean, I understand the feelings behind it but I'm really more a 'share everything just don't complain if no-one reads it' kind of person. I think, for me, it's the same mentality as where I am often baffled by the amount of comments some Arashi (okay, Ohmiya) fics get, I can appreciate that they're obviously entertaining a lot of people. I'm kind of 'well, if one person enjoys it's worth sharing' and I think there's always going to be that one person. I'm not trying to change your mind or anything, that's just how I feel about it.

I'm sorry for my long and boring comment that didn't actually add anything. I wish sometimes there was a way to do a characterisation primer but it is so subjective and I'm always reminded of the time some suggested to me that a character would act to a situation in one way and all I wanted to reply to them with was HOW CAN YOU BE SO WRONG, YOU'RE STUPID, GO AWAY. :DDD

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